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4 Things to Ensure a Quick but Safe Cleaning in the House

4 Things to Ensure a Quick but Safe Cleaning in the House

Cleaning is something that we easily put off until the last minute. For some people, however, cleaning can be therapeutic. Seeing the newly-washed curtains, the spotless floor, and the fresh air that comes with airing the house can put anyone in a good mood. Living in a clean house can also affect one’s health and disposition, and reduces the chances of getting sick. If you’re planning to do a general cleaning in your house, TLC Senior HomeCare, a provider of home health care services in Florida, would be glad to give you some advice on how to ensure a quick but safe cleaning routine.

  • Put fragile things in a box while cleaning

    Before you bring out the mops, brooms, and other cleaning equipment, it’s best to put fragile objects such as picture frames, figurines, and jars in a box to avoid breaking it while cleaning. We can get so immersed in something that we forget about being mindful of our surroundings. It will also be a good habit to wipe the objects with a clean cloth first before putting it in a box.

  • Make sure you have your supplies ready

    The day before you clean the house, go through the cleaning supplies and equipment that you have and take note of the things that you don’t have. There’s nothing more frustrating than finally being in the mood to clean the house and realizing that you forgot to buy a cleaning essential. Well, sure you can just change your clothes and go buy said essential, but who wants to go out covered in grime and sweat from all the cleaning?

  • Make a mental run-through

    Let’s face it, cleaning is never a quick process, but doing a mental run-through of what you’re going to do can save a lot of time. For starters, you can clean the bathroom first since it might take a while to clean the sink or tub. Have a list ready of which rooms to clean and don’t forget to apply the first tip! If you’re planning to do some cleaning over the weekend, ask a family member to take the kids out for the day. As for your elderly loved one, ask him or her where he or she would like to go. It can be quite difficult to get some cleaning done if there are little kids running from one room to another.

  • Don’t go anywhere near your phone

    The last thing that we advise is to never lay your hands on your phone. Nobody can work without stopping, and scrolling through your phone would be a great stress-reliever. Even though you promised yourself to just use your phone for 10 minutes, it suddenly becomes an hour. See how addictive the internet is? It can hinder us from being productive if we use it too much. If you do have to use it, be conscious of the time and the amount of cleaning you still have to do.

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