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6 Pain Relief Tips to Help Deal with a Senior’s Arthritis

6 Pain Relief Tips to Help Deal with a Senior's Arthritis

Arthritis is a common pain that senior adults suffer from. Although it is a condition that has no complete cure yet and is an ongoing ailment for seniors, it doesn’t mean that you should just let them suffer through it. Even if there is no cure for arthritis, there are many ways to keep the pain under control. Here are some effective pain relief tips to help senior’s get through a bout of arthritis pains.


    First, observe and talk with your senior loved one when and where the arthritis pain usually strikes. Ask them what type of activities they struggle with due to it as well. Once you go for a doctor’s appointment, you can use these details to have a productive discussion with the doctor. Providing the doctor a lot of relevant information allows the latter to understand the senior’s condition better and recommend the appropriate treatment.


    Having a healthy weight is good for the senior adult’s overall well-being. Aside from that, it helps them deal with arthritis because a healthy weight puts less pressure on the joints. Talk with your provider of Home Care Services in Florida to plan your senior’s meals, diet specifications, and help achieve the healthy weight for them.


    Heat Therapy is helpful in loosening up stiff muscles and joints. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and reduces muscle spasms. With that premise, you can try out different heat therapy tools to deal with arthritis. Of course, before applying the heating pads or heat wraps, protect the senior’s delicate skin by putting a thin cloth in between.


    There are cases though when heat therapy doesn’t work. In that case, try taking advantage of cold therapy. Cold packs are available and are useful in numbing deep pain. If there is inflammation and swelling, you can use small ice bags and rub them on the painful areas. Just like with the heat therapy, don’t forget to put a thin cloth in between the skin and the cold pack or ice bag.


    Most seniors, when arthritis attacks, won’t want to move around because of the pain. However, it actually does the opposite. Not moving will just make the pain worse. When arthritis strikes, it can help ease the pain if they move and flex their muscles.


    Massaging the painful joints is highly recommended as well. Doing so can help relax the sore area. Especially when arthritis attacks at night, a good massage can help them sleep better despite the pain.

These are just some of the common tips to remember when dealing with arthritis pains. Your senior doesn’t need to suffer silently because of arthritis when you deal with the condition promptly.

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