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Giving Up the Driver’s Seat

Being able to drive yourself from place to place is a privilege that may have to be revoked as you reach your later years. If your senior parent or family member’s driving skills start to decline, confront them about giving the driver’s seat up. This may be difficult to do, especially if your loved one … Continue reading

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7 Valuable Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home

Did you know? Millions of people worldwide are exposed to toxins or are injured right under their own roof.   At TLC Senior HomeCare, your health and overall well-being are highly important to us. While we offer reliable Home Care Services in Florida to help you stay healthy and safe, here are some tips from … Continue reading

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6 Top Recommendations to Help You Age Well

Growing old – this is something that happens to everyone and unfortunately, there’s really no stopping it. However, while you might be unable to stop and freeze time so you can continue to enjoy your youth, health, strength, and abilities, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you remain healthy and … Continue reading

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Home Safety Suggestions that You Should Consider

Your home may be the one place where you feel the most comfortable and safe; however, please don’t be complacent when it comes to your safety. Seek assistance from a provider of Home Care Services in Florida. After all, accidents can happen anywhere and your home can present numerous accident and fall risks as well. … Continue reading

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What Is Respite Care and Why Is It Important?

Those who don’t really understand the true essence of respite care typically associate it with being selfish or see it as something that is unnecessary. However, for those who understand and use this service, it is something indispensable. As an accredited provider of In-Home Care in Broward County Florida, TLC Senior HomeCare aims to help … Continue reading

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