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Safety at Home

Safety at Home

Your house should be your haven. It should be the place you go to at the end of each day and feel completely safe. The older you get, the more dangerous your home may seem to be, so it should be a priority to make your home completely secure. By keeping your home safe, you keep yourself healthy and in good shape. Here are some things you can do to optimize safety in your home:


Preventing Falls


As you reach your golden years, your bones and muscles lose mass and density. A fall could result in bad bruises and breaking bones. Prevent devastating falls at home.


  • Keep the floor spotless. Whenever you drop something, don’t wait to pick it up. Pick it up right away so you don’t trip over it.

  • Tape down the rugs in your home to keep yourself from slipping.

  • As you descend or ascend stairs, always hold on to the railing.

  • Have your furniture rearranged to create more space in your humble abode.

  • Wear non-slip socks or shoes as you walk around your home.

  • Consider purchasing a walker or a cane. Having something to keep you steady can keep you from falling.

  • Make sure there is proper lighting in your house. Dark, dim rooms will make it hard for you to see, which can cause you to bump into something and fall.


Keeping the House Secure


You can’t take your safety at home for granted. Your home shouldn’t only be safe on the inside. You should keep your home secure from those on the outside as well. Stop robbers and intruders from entering your home by keeping your doors and windows locked. Scare off anyone trying to break into your residence by installing an alarm system or by having fake cameras placed outside of your house. Motion sensor lights will also keep intruders at bay. You can also get the Hourly or 24/7 Services from a provider of Home Care in Palm Beach Florida.


The Bathroom


The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms for senior citizens. To keep your bathroom safe, make sure that you:


  • Install bathroom assistive devices. Get a grab bar installed in your tub and have a bath bench to prevent falls during showers. If it is possible, only take a bath while someone else is with you to assist you.

  • Keep your bathroom clean. A dirty bathroom can cause you to contract infections and viruses and cause molds to grow. Scrub down your bathroom to stay healthy.Don’t scald yourself in the tub. Have the water set to the perfect temperature to avoid burns.


If you are in need of Home Care Services in Florida, contact TLC Senior HomeCare. Our loving caregivers will prevent you from falling, assist you in keeping your home clean, provide you with nutritious meals, and more. Your health and safety are important to us.


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