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Ways You Can Help Your Senior Combat Loneliness and Isolation

Ways You Can Help Your Senior Combat Loneliness and Isolation

As your parent grows older, they may have fewer and fewer opportunities available to them to socialize with others. This could be because of a decline in physical abilities, or because of barriers caused by emotion, such as the loss of a spouse or friends. This may lead to your senior feeling lonely and isolated, which can potentially open doors for depression and anxiety to settle in.

You can take steps to help your elderly loved one fight off loneliness. It takes time and a bit of effort, but can make a world of a difference for both of you. Here are just a few ideas you can take up:

  • Take them to fun events and activities

    Your aging parent may be spending most of their time at home and not really going out often. You can add a variation to their days by taking them out to events and activities they haven’t tried out before, such as going to see new stage productions or even sports games! If you and your senior feel that it isn’t something they will enjoy, you can always go for something more familiar and nostalgic, such as going to see old movies, and dining out with family members. Make outings regular, so that it can be something your elderly loved one can look forward to!

  • Spend quality time with them

    For the times when your senior may not be up for going out, spending quality time with them right at home can work just as well. It is a more intimate and familiar setting for them, and can be a great opportunity to bond and create new fond memories. Words of affirmation and appreciation from you and other members of the family can also go a long way in boosting their esteem and sense of belonging. If you can’t be physically around, video calls and phone calls are effective, too.

  • Make them feel useful

    Your senior would also like to feel that their presence has a positive impact. Even the simple act of giving them updates on what is going on in your life and asking them for any advice they can share can be more than enough. Of course, it is very likely that in the many decades your loved one has been around, they were able to pick up bits and pieces of wisdom to share with you. Other ways for your senior to feel useful can be through encouraging them to take up hobbies they are interested in, as well as have them help with little manageable tasks at home whenever possible.


Loneliness and isolation can also stem from simply living alone. Make sure your senior has a compassionate professional to not only give them company, but care for them as well. For in-home care in Broward County Florida, look no further than TLC Senior HomeCare. We are a renowned and multi-awarded provider of home care services in Florida, and you can be assured your senior is in good hands – and company – with us.


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